Technology Implementation Leadership

The marketplace for revenue cycle support technology has exploded in the last few years. Harnessing emerging technologies and implementing them successfully is a game changer for growth-focused organizations.

Our deep understanding of hospital finance, as well as how the technology should support both your long and short-term goals, translates into a genuine return on your technology investment.




Today, there are more options in the marketplace, each more complex than the last. We guide you through the process so you have confidence in your final selection. Through our detailed analysis process, we:

  • develop functionality and technical specifications based on your exact needs and environment, including an assessment of how this technology is expected to serve your strategic vision of revenue cycle management
  • create a detailed, prioritized list of vendor and product criteria so the selection process stays focused
  • conduct an ROI analysis so you have clear expectations of what the anticipated benefits of the technology are, and when you can expect to begin achieving anticipated levels of return


The contract negotiated with the vendor has long term implications for the value of the technology over its full life cycle. Negotiating the contract price is only the first step. Other key issues we negotiate at the contract stage that impact your ROI include:

  • type and breadth of vendor-provided training and on-going support
  • scope of customizations and upgrades
  • payment dependent on achieving return, wherever possible
  • opt-out language to minimize loss in the case of a strategy shift or lower-than anticipated return


Our staff is available to project manage the implementation. We coordinate with the vendor, your IT, PMO and relevant business unit staff to configure the product to your specifications. Some of our areas of focus include:

  • ensuring quality data is flowing through the software so its analysis brings you real value
  • building business processes for the technology that maximizes staff adoption and integration into day-to-day workflows
  • creating a technical design that anticipates future growth
  • arranging a customized training program
  • setting up the means to continually measure your ROI on the technology

Our staff has developed excellent relationships with a variety of revenue cycle technology vendors. Our work with these vendors allows us to gauge accurately which options will be good fits for your organization and its needs. However, we are entirely independent; we are not re-sellers for any vendors. Our recommendations are based entirely on your institution’s needs and priorities.

You can read some more about the technical expertise of our consultants, or if you have some questions about revenue cycle support technology, give us a call at 877-605-7446 or send us an email.

Negotiated Over $1 Million in Savings on a Managed Care Contract Modeling Product

A health system CBO selected us to negotiate and implement a managed care contract modeling product for them. As a result of our negotiation leadership, we saved the organization $850,000 on the cost of the product, and saved them another $230,000 in on-going costs over the course of the contract.

Projected 438% ROI for Institutional and Professional Managed Care Department

We started this project for a health-system MC department by helping them select a contract modeling and maintenance tool. We continue to work with them to expand the product’s implementation. The expected return due to improved knowledge of payer performance is projected to be in the millions of dollars over the first five years of use.

“RGC Group has been an integral part of our overall IT selection process and product implementation for two major departmental systems applications. RGC is not one of those firms that give you back what you already know. Instead Rivka and her team ‘roll up their sleeves’ and work with you until the job is done. RGC is worth every dollar in time saved, mistakes avoided and ‘speed to market’. I would not hesitate to bring them back into our organization for another project implementation no matter how large or how small.”


Edward Lucy
Vice President Managed Care, Physician Contracting
The Mount Sinai Health System, NY


Reduced Charge Failures By Improving the Testing Process for Charge-Interfacing Systems

We helped this healthcare organization revise their testing process for the implementation of charge interfaces from EHR and point-of-care systems into the patient accounting system. We designed a stringent testing and approval method that significantly reduces the number of charging issues that occur when a new system is brought live. Through RGC Group leadership, the organization’s IT and PMO departments have become better prepared to conduct charge testing successfully.

The result is an improved ROI on each newly implemented system, with appreciably shortened time needed to do charge interface testing, and significantly reduced post-implementation work by patient accounts staff.

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Implemented Chargemaster Management Technology and Workflows for Multi-Facility Hospital System

We implemented a chargemaster management tool at a major, multi-facility health system as part of their CDM consolidation project and ongoing chargemaster maintenance. We managed the technical implementation of the chargemaster toolkit, as well as the development and roll out of the revised business processes and training. The adoption of the new tool allowed the health system to finish their long-standing chargemaster consolidation project. Using the new tool, the department of charge capture now maintains only one, consolidated CDM, with changes cascading to individual facility chargemasters according to pre-set rules. As a result, chargemaster maintenance is simpler and more accurate, with cross-checks of facility CDMs against the corporate standard done on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.

Our firm was also engaged to provide configuration and training on an online, self-management tool that gives clinical staff across the health system direct access to their current chargemaster. They can quickly request a change, significantly reducing the time between the provision of a new set of services and the organization’s ability to bill for those services. Clinic administration also uses the online portal as a management tool for outpatient services, allowing them to monitor utilization goals and trends.