Results that Directly Advance your Revenue Cycle Goals

At RGC Group, we designed our service offerings with broad insight into all the processes that contribute to the successful collection of healthcare-related revenue.

The challenges are about more than just your chargemaster or patient accounting system. We understand that every step along the revenue cycle – from a patient’s first thought about seeking healthcare all the way through to reimbursement or the second appeal of a denial – needs to operate efficiently and with a holistic view to the financial health of the provider organization.

Whatever scope of service we provide you, we’ll take you through our rigorous process that ensures projects have clearly defined goals, stay on track, and produce results.


Revenue Cycle Assessments

Our assessments of your under-performing business units cover people, processes, data, technology, and culture to identify what’s really causing your unacceptable billing lag, high denial or rejection rates, or whatever issue is adversely impacting your revenue.

After we’ve completed our investigation, we provide you with specific, actionable recommendations to resolve the issue. Then we work, either in a leadership or support role, with your leadership and staff to implement the recommendations.

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Technology Implementation Leadership

In today’s healthcare marketplace, using the right technology – and using it effectively – is the most critical factor that distinguishes those healthcare organizations that are financially viable from those that will struggle or fail.

Our consultants expertly guide your teams through the crowded, complex world of revenue cycle and related technology in three distinct phases: selection, contract negotiation, and implementation.

RGC Group has assisted healthcare organizations in all three of these phases, and for a wide variety of business areas and processes.

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Organization Transition Support

Change is as inevitable as it is risky. Whether your organization is merging or divesting – or a combination of both – accurate claims still need to drop in a compliant and timely manner.

RGC Group consultants bring two essential skills to help you rollout successful organizational changes: high-level perspective and stellar project management.

Combining these skills with our comprehensive understanding of the revenue cycle enables us to pinpoint, plan for, and mitigate potential transition risks.

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Physician Services

Our experience providing all our services to large health systems, including their hospital-based physician organizations and primary-care clinics, allows us to provide the same services and benefits to physician practices.

In addition, we also design and lead Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Meaningful Use recognition initiatives. By keeping practices on-course to meet the recognition standards, we assist them in realizing the benefits of recognition as efficiently as possible.

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