We use a tried and tested 5-phase process on every project. Our process ensures that goals and expectations are clearly defined, and that your team is positioned to continue to get value after our role is completed.

Phase 1: Assessment

First we spend time asking questions of each stakeholder and all relevant teams to learn more about the problem we’re looking to solve. We ask about your unique environment, what your goals are, what strategies and tactics you’ve tried in the past, and why they haven’t served your needs.

During this phase, we get a clear picture of what you need and why past options haven’t met those needs. We then use this information to explore options that actually get you to your goals.

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Phase 2: Project Definition

Here we’ll agree on the scope of services RGC Group will provide. This is a detailed and critical document. We’ll outline our activities, deliverables, resources, important milestones, timelines, and success metrics for your project.

The Scope of Services document is what defines and grounds our project. It’s integral to keeping our project focused and moving forward.

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Phase 3: Kick-Off

We set-up and lead a kick-off meeting right before the project activities begin. This meeting, either in-person or via conference call, brings together the most senior stakeholder with the other stakeholders and management who’ll be involved in the day-to-day execution of the project.

The purpose of the kick-off meeting is to partner with the senior-most stakeholder to set the tone and expectations of participation for the relevant people and units. Getting a clear message of support from leadership on a project motivates the entire project team to bring their best efforts.

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Phase 4: Project Delivery

Now the heavy lifting starts. The RGC Group staff assigned to your project works with your teams to execute the scope of services outlined during phase 2.

We’ve already assigned one of our staff as a project lead during phase 2. This person will continue to be your main point of contact throughout the project’s life.

Your project lead will organize and facilitate regular status calls with key stakeholders and provide regular written status reports outlining your project’s progress against the timelines defined during phase 2. Depending on the nature and scope of a specific project, status calls and reports may be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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Phase 5: Project Closure

Our involvement doesn’t just fade away. Every project has a deliberate close-out with a hand-off meeting with relevant stakeholders. During the hand-off meeting, we deliver final insights and documents from the project so your people can take control and maintain its success.

The exact deliverables will have been defined in our Scope of Services agreement from phase 2, and may include a recommendations report, analyses, new policy & procedure documents, new report templates, or training documentation. These are just some examples. Based on your specific project, you’ll get the germane documentation to support ongoing success after we’re out of the picture.

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Our process has brought a lot of success to our clients, which you can read about here. Or if you want to have a conversation, send us an email.