Physician Services

All services provided by RGC Group are also available to physician and professional practices, as well as hospital-based physician organizations such as IPAs and PHOs.

We’ve brought value to physician practices and hospital-owned outpatient clinics through projects such as:

  • Assisting with the implementation of EHR and scheduling systems
  • Leading outsourcing and insourcing initiatives

Some of the work we’ve done with IPAs and PHOs includes:

  • Developing membership tracking systems and processes, including credentialing/enrollment workflows
  • Contract modeling

Through our experience in the large hospital environments, we’ve successfully faced the complexities of coordinating the interests and systems of a wide variety of providers, and the newer challenges of clinical integration and patient population health management. We bring that same experience and expertise to benefit physician practices and organizations. We help them operate more efficiently and effectively in the evolving world of healthcare delivery and finance.

Visit our Projects page where we’ve highlighted some of the technology, organization transition, and business process assessment projects that are of particular interest to physician practices and organizations.

Achieving Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition

Getting recognized by CMS as a PCMH Level 3 practice extends significant benefits to your practice’s patients and bottom line. However, getting your practice in compliance with all the relevant NCQA standards is an elaborate process that can bog a practice down for years if done without the benefit of expert, short-term outside assistance.

We apply the same rigor to a PCMH recognition project as we do all to our other projects. That means:

  • Clearly defined goals and timelines
  • Expert project management that keeps your practice moving steadily towards recognition
  • Detailed documentation to support your recognition application, and to assist you to keep your practice in compliance once recognition is achieved


“RGC Group brings clarity and clear thinking to the table, positively impacting the financial bottom line and health care delivery in our practice. Their strategy and assistance through the constantly changing world of health care is practical and invaluable.”


Hylton I. Lightman, MD, DCH, FAAP
President, Total Family Care of the Five Towns and Rockaway, PC


How close is your practice to getting PCMH Level 3 Recognition? We’ll help you find out.

RGC Group offers physician practices and hospital-based primary care practices a free PCMH Baseline Assessment of where you stand relative to meeting NCQA standards. We’ll look closely at your practice during this assessment to understand what steps your practice needs to take to get on the path towards recognition. This assessment service is entirely free and there’s no obligation on your part.

At the end of the assessment, we’ll provide you with a specific task list and accurate timeline so you know exactly what’s involved in getting your practice or clinic on track for recognition.

How close is your practice to PCMH Level 3 recognition? Email us with “PCMH Baseline Assessment” in the subject line and we’ll help you find out.