Organization Transition Support

With any kind of organization restructuring, you’re tasked both with carrying out a smooth transition while also managing daily operations to ensure the organization continues to deliver quality care and expected revenue. No small feat.

We help you mitigate the risk of unintended consequences by offering you the benefit of a high-level, outside perspective to your transition planning and implementation.

Our well-seasoned project managers have given hospital leadership critical support at pivotal junctures of a variety of organization transition projects:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • External Agreements, such as outsourcing, joint ventures, and partnerships
  • Internal process transitions, such as redesigning business processes to comply with new regulations, transition responsibilities and tasks to new departments, or insource tasks to the central business office

RGC Group consultants also provide operational support through:

  • managing business process integration across and within different lines of business
  • training strategy and support
  • change management that promotes communication and accountability
  • providing interim leadership and operational oversight of revenue cycle and clinical technology transitions to protect the integrity of patient clinical and account data

You can read about some of our organization transition support projects, or get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist your organization make a change without risking current operations and revenues.

Led Revenue Cycle Transition of a Hospital with $700 Million in Annual Revenue into a New Hospital System

In this project, a 500-bed hospital was sold. The transition services agreement between the buyer and seller (two health systems) called for the divesting system to retain some financial management for a period of time. We led the successful transition of revenue cycle systems, such as billing and patient registration.

Our staff planned the implementation with key revenue cycle leadership of the hospital and both health systems to ensure that the transition of the receivable and patient accounts information was seamless, on-time, and on-budget. With our assistance, the cost of the transition itself came in $1.5 million under budget.

Implemented an Outsourced Billing Solution for Network of Dental Clinics; On-Track to Increase Revenue by $1.2 Million in the First Year of Operations

This network of five dental and oral surgery clinics spread out across multiple hospitals was having challenges dropping claims, managing appeals, and collecting its A/R. The hospital system contracted with a billing outsourcer and hired RGC Group to manage the transition.

We facilitated discussion among clinic leadership and the outsourcers, and then we designed the business processes that would allow the outsourcer to successfully manage prior authorizations, billing, and denials. Some other deliverables on this project included developing customized training for clinic staff, and designing and validating revenue cycle reporting.

“..Rivka’s in-depth of knowledge and her team’s commitment to the business process design enabled us to put forth a program that is at the forefront of the medical industry. RGC Group’s dedication and perseverance was ever-present throughout the needs assessment process and remained steadfast for the duration until its successful outcome.”



Ariella Ritvo
Bedford Medical Family Health Center, Inc.


Protected Up to 10% of an OB Department’s Medicaid Revenue by Updating Workflows to Comply with New Legal Requirements

As much as 10% of an OB department’s Medicaid collections were at risk if it couldn’t get compliant with new state Medicaid regulations within 3 months.

To get them compliant – and quickly – we created new clinical documentation requirements and business processes, as well as a technical solution for compliance. We focused on partnering across the organization (patient accounts, IT, HIM, and medical leadership) to build an effective solution that minimized disruption to current practice while complying with the new regulations.

Revamped Revenue Cycle Reporting System that Put Users In Front of Data Most Meaningful to Them

For this project we helped an RCI department revamp its reporting. We held focus groups with hospital leadership and practice units to identify what data they wanted and how it was most useful for them to receive it.

At the end of this project, c-level leadership had a new online reporting resource that empowered them to benchmark standards, and identify problems and their sources by practice area. Using the new reporting tool, they can now easily view critical information, such as denial reports, charge lag, expected revenue, visit closure rates, and write-offs.

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