In case you were wondering…

If we did sign a project with you – how does your process work?

The consistency of our process is one of the keys to the success of our projects. Your project will go through these 5 phases:

1. Assessment
2. Project Definition
3. Kick-Off
4. Delivery
5. Project Closure

You can read more detail about what’s involved in each phase here. The five phases all work in concert to keep your project focused on its specified goals and moving along on schedule. And most importantly, our process leaves your team in a position to continue to realize value once we’ve left the scene.

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Consultants always seem to promise a lot – how can I be sure you’ll deliver real value?


Our record speaks for itself. If you haven’t looked through our Projects page yet – please do.

We achieve these valuable results for clients in part due to our detailed expertise in healthcare finance, but also because we have an absolute commitment to defining clear goals and success metrics for your project. No fluffy, corporate reports from us. Only actionable recommendations and practical implementations.

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Are you HIPAA compliant?


Yes, we are fully HIPAA compliant. We take the privacy of your protected patient health information (PHI) seriously. We use technology solutions, including encrypted laptops and email, as well as strict policies in place with our staff to ensure absolute compliance. We sign a BAA with all of our clients and are confident that we would pass an internal or external compliance audit.

We also take the time to understand our clients’ specific IT and HIPAA compliance policies at the start of each engagement, and are fully committed to complying with all applicable internal policies.

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My organization has a relationship with a large healthcare consultancy. Why would I use your firm over them?


We get into the weeds and work with you to implement real change; we don’t write abstract reports. And you’ll get your real change for about a third of the cost. Simple as that.

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We’re a professional practice or a physician organization – can you help us?


Absolutely. Every service we offer is available and valuable for a professional practice. We’ve done some great work with physician practices in the past in the areas of process improvement, technology selection and implementation, insourcing or outsourcing billing, and clinical transformation to the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model.

We’ve also helped hospital-based physician groups with EMR implementations, contract modeling/underpayment recovery technologies, and transitions to new or upgraded patient accounting systems.

Visit our Projects page to read about some specific projects and their results. We’ve highlighted some there just for you.

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Is my practice a good candidate for PCMH recognition?


The short answer is “yes.” Any practice can be configured to meet NCQA standards and benefit from PCMH recognition.

The more nuanced answer is that some practices are better positioned to get PCMH Level 3 recognition more quickly than others. The critical factor is whether your practice already has an EMR system. If your practice doesn’t use one yet, that would be your first step. We’ve helped practices and hospital-based clinics implement EMR systems and can certainly take this on as a project with you.

We offer a free PCMH Baseline Assessment to practices that are curious to know where they stand relative to the NCQA standards for PCMH Level 3 recognition. It’s a free, personalized assessment of your practice with no obligation.

At the end of our PCMH Baseline Assessment, you’ll have a realistic timeline of how much time your practice needs to achieve Level 3 recognition.

If you’re interested in getting a free PCMH Baseline Assessment for your practice, send us an email with “PCMH Baseline Assessment” in the subject line to schedule it.

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I see you’re located in the New York/New Jersey area; we’re not – can you still work with us?


Easily. Many of our projects entail working with teams of people in a variety of locations. One of our consultants is actually based in Florida. We’re well-versed in off-site project management and implementations.

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Some of our key stakeholders aren’t sold on the idea of bringing in outside consultants – how successful can a project be when faced with some internal resistance?


This is a great and important question. To be honest, we’ve never started a project having buy-in from all the key stakeholders. As your question indicates, there are just too many competing priorities and thoughts about strategy. And then there are those that just don’t have time for more on their to-do list.

Fortunately, we’ve had amazing results getting people to commit to a project and work together with us, even those who were skeptical at the outset. We turn them around because they quickly see we know their business, and we genuinely involve them so they understand how the project is also a “win” for their interests. Through our process and project management, they also see we’re focused on actual results, not theoretical consulting. We don’t waste time.

Having said all this, if a key holder of resources needed by your project doesn’t get behind the project and make those resources available, there’s no question this can impact the project’s success.

We understand people can be skeptical of consultants. Send your skeptic a link to our Projects page. If you want to talk to us about a potential project, we can also discuss how to demonstrate its value to the different interests of all the stakeholders.

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Can’t the vendor of the technology I’m buying provide implementation support? Why do I need you?


We take a broader vision of your implementation than just the technology tool itself. A quality technology vendor is certainly expert in its own tool and an active partner during implementation. But the technology is only that – a tool. Our expertise in your business enables us to customize that tool and its associated business process (that is, how your users at your organization will actually use the tool). We also manage the entire vendor relationship during an implementation to keep the customizations aligned to your strategic goals and workflows.

Think of it this way: The technology is a stock you’ve invested in and you expect a return. The company whose stock it is has their role, but RGC Group is the money management firm with a view into your entire portfolio and dedicated to seeing that you get the projected ROI on your investment.

Ideally, you’ve brought us in during the vendor selection phase. Our experience and relationship with many technology vendors makes us invaluable allies in selecting a vendor and negotiating an advantageous contract for your organization.

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Do you re-sell technology products?


NO. We aren’t re-sellers of any products. We represent our clients’ interests as we work with them through vendor selection and negotiation, not the vendors’ nor our own.

We’re dedicated to maintaining strict vendor-neutrality so we can help our clients work with the vendors and tools that make the most sense for them – not for us.

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