About Us

RGC Group works with all manner of healthcare organizations, from large-scale, multi-facility hospital systems to clinics to physician practices.

We help them find all those under-the-radar bumps in their operations that are impeding their ability to collect revenue, and work with them to smooth them away. If you’ve not yet read about the rigorous process we use to help clients find success, please do. Or you can visit our Projects page to read about some of these successes.

You can learn more about us as individuals right here. One of the common themes among us, in addition to our deep and thorough knowledge of healthcare finance, business, and technology, is that we’re all obsessive about achieving measurable, practical results. We’re not report-and-presentation consultants. We’re here to help you find and implement the solutions you know are out there, and we don’t leave you alone until we do.


Rivka Gross
MPA, Healthcare Policy & Management

With more than 15 years in healthcare project management and operational leadership, Rivka has successfully managed revenue cycle and other healthcare organization projects with revenue impact in the tens of millions of dollars. Clients rely on more than just her extensive and detailed knowledge of healthcare finance and revenue cycle technology and operations. Her communication skills and ability to build partnerships draw out meaningful solutions and cooperation from project teams.

One of Rivka’s greatest hallmarks is her absolute insistence on tight project management, defined success metrics, and clear lines of accountability. These are three tools she and her team use to keep projects advancing and results-oriented.