Solutions for the Growing Complexity of Healthcare Finance


Hospital and physician revenue is getting squeezed from every angle.

  • Increasing and conflicting compliance demands and rising costs
  • Multiple points of failure along the path to reimbursement
  • Foggy insight into the true cost of delivering quality care

The nexus of the right technology and an efficient, sustainable
business process
is the key factor that separates those
institutions that achieve financial health from those that continue
to struggle.

We’ve mastered that nexus, from data analysis to business process design to
technology implementation.

Our team has a thorough understanding of all the moving parts inside healthcare institutional finance. We use that knowledge to take a holistic approach to identifying and resolving your specific revenue cycle challenges.

Why Us?

We draw on our end-to-end understanding of the revenue cycle to analyze and design solutions.

Our team members then use their project management expertise to guide and support you through the entire solution process. We won’t leave you alone until you start experiencing the expected results.

RGC Group offers you clarity into your revenue cycle challenges and solutions. The answers are out there.

Contact us
and we’ll help you find them.

How we can help you


Revenue Cycle Assessments

Identifying and exploiting opportunities in underperforming business units to improve operational integrity and revenue collections.

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Technology Implementation Leadership

Navigating you through the crowded and complex field of revenue cycle support technology to select, negotiate, and implement technology solutions with real impact and return.

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Organization Transition Support

Providing leadership and guidance as your organizational structure changes, either through acquisition, divestiture, or internal reorganization, to ensure that neither information nor cash flow are threatened.

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Physician Services

Assisting you achieve PCMH and Meaningful Use recognition, and working with physician practices and hospital-based physician organizations in all our service offerings.

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